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Everyone likes to celebrate their marriage at the best level possible. Wedding is one of the most important episodes of a person's life. It's a dream of everyone to make their wedding ceremony an ever remembering event. People spent a lot of money to make arrangements for the wedding.

A variety of things are to take care in a wedding function starting from wedding dress to wedding party. Also all the things are to be coordinated in a professional manner so that everything is completed perfectly. Various marriage agencies are working out there to make the marriage truly a heavenly event.

In Japan the wedding ceremony is much different from that of the other parts of the world. Two types of weddings are there in Japan. One is the traditional style, Shinzen Shiki and the other is the newer western style wedding. Usually the Japanese celebrate their wedding in both the traditional and western styles. The Shinzen Shiki wedding function is costly to celebrate and is attended only by close family members where as all the other friends attends the western style wedding. The marriage agencies help you to plan these events in a careful manner.

The Western style weddings are more cheerful and less expensive. It is accompanied with a lot of glitters and clatters. Conducting a western style wedding celebration needs some level of professional planning. The marriage agencies help you to plan and conduct the wedding from weeding dressings to party arrangements. Since the western style weddings are not so common to Japanese, most of them prefer to seek the help of professional agencies.

A variety of services are offered by the marriage agencies. Beautifully decorated chapel in the wedding hall is the first one. The wedding planners make all the arrangements for bride and bride grooms dress, arrangements for the reception, music and all other entertainment activities for the wedding celebration. The wedding halls are beautifully decorated with flowers, lightings and other glitters. They also make necessary arrangements for the speeches by friends, good bye speech by the bride etc. The wedding planners also make necessary arrangements for the “ni ji kai” or the second party.


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